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Simplify your pool cleaning

Having a pool involves a certain number of constraints (pool cleaning, water treatment, etc.) Even if the water is purified using a filter and chemically treated, the pool still has to be cleaned at least twice a week during the high season. You can clean the pool manually using a net to pick up any leaves floating on the surface and a manual Zodiac SPA WAND type of brush for debris that is on the bottom of the pool (sand, pebbles, etc.) but this is long, hard work... You can alleviate this constraint by using an automatic pool cleaner to clean the pool.

Our range of pool cleaners offers 3 technologies that are adapted to your type of pool and your expectations and which will liberate you from the chore of cleaning your pool!

How to choose a pool cleaner?

There are several types of pool cleaner to choose from the Zodiac range. In order to recommend the appliance best suited to your needs, several criteria should be taken into consideration :

  • The cleaning performance of the pool cleaners can vary depending on the size, the shape or the depth of your pool. Some cleaners are better adapted to certain pools than others.
  • Your cleaning requirements : Some cleaners are faster, more precise, others are autonomous or even remotely controlled, some clean the bottom and the sides, others only the bottom; some models can store the debris in the appliance while others use the existing pool filtration system,...
  • Cleaners vary in price, depending on their technology and cleaning performance, but also on the pool equipment available to use. Some cleaners need to be installed with help from your pool professional.


Electric Cleaners

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Vortex Technology ™: powerful and constant cyclonic suction throughout the cleaning cycle. By altering the position of the pump motor and the hydraulic flow, our engineers have succeeded in creating the first patented Vortex technology pool cleaner.

The Vortex effect creates a powerful whirlpool inside the filter. Debris is maintained in suspension thus avoiding clogging the filter
Hygienic filter compartment: The debris is collected in a separate compartment on the top of the appliance; it can be emptied in one click without coming into contact with its contents.

  • Easy to remove from the pool : front handle + rear water outlet
  • PVA cleaning brush : for slippery surfaces
  • IS Track system ® : Patented gear transmission
  • Clip&Fix : speedy brush changes
  • ISS Technology ISS (intelligent Steering System): intelligent navigation
  • Bumpy brushes : specially adapted to abrasive surfaces such as painted concrete...

Vortex RV 5480 iQ PRO 4WD

Intelligent remote control

The RV 5480 iQ electric robot cleaner can be controlled from your smartphone.

Ultra-powerful and constant cyclone suction

Created by Zodiac engineers, the first robotic pool cleaners with cyclone suction can hold debris in suspension using their high-power vortex inside the filter, helping to reduce filter blockages and maintain cleaning performance.

All-terrain robot

The RV 5480 iQ robot’s 4-wheel drive helps it grip perfectly onto the pool walls, adapt to any type of coating and easily move around obstacles.

Lighter when removing it from water. Patented Lift System

Removing your robot from the pool has never been easier, thanks to Lift System technology. A powerful waterjet is activated at the back of the robot when removing it from water, making it lighter to lift.

Anti-tangle device

The Vortex (4WD range) pool cleaner cable is fitted with a Swivel device that limits cable tangling when the cleaner is moving around the pool. This pivot turns on itself, thus preventing loops from forming in the cable. This helps the cleaner to clean the surface of the pool more effectively and the cable is stored easily at the end of the cycle.

For which swimming pools?

It can be used on in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls (rectangular, oval and free-form shapes).
Pool size: up to 12x6 meters.
Cleaning areas: floor/walls/water line.
Number/length of cleaning cycles: multiple cycles (from 30 mins to 3h30m).
- Floor “Deep Clean”
- Floor/walls/water line 
- Water line

Tornax RT 3200

Effective cleaning for floor and walls

Equipped with a smart motion system, the robot covers the pool walls and floor while you sit back and relax. It guarantees optimum cleaning thanks to its brush function, which helps to quickly remove debris from the surface before it is sucked up. Concentrated Zodiac® expertise for added efficiency.

Ultra-light for effortless handling

Featherlight, weighing just 5.5 kg, the TornaX RT 3200 is one of the lightest robots on the market. This means it is quick, simple and effortless to handle.

Easy-to-clean filter

To make things easier for you, the filter can be accessed from the top of the robot, making it very easy to clean and helping you avoid any contact with debris.

For which swimming pools?

It can be used on in-ground and above-ground pools with rigid walls (rectangular, oval and free-form shapes).
Pool size: up to 10x5 meters.
Cleaning areas: Floor/walls.
Number/length of cleaning cycles: 1 cycle - 2h30m.

Hydraulic Cleaners

Zodiac suction cleaners are designed to attach to the skimmer box and are powered by the suction power of the filtration pump They vacuum the floor in a random pattern, picking up debris and placing it into the skimmer basket.


T5 Duo
Optimum grip
With its patented motion system, it provides suction in the smallest spaces. Its two independent flexib
le toothed discs ensure the best traction possible in corners and on walls, as well as better manoeuvrability. For more finely detailed cleaning.
Powerful suction motor 
The latest-generation Zodiac hydraulic-robot motor, the DiaCyclone, gives a 40% boost in suction power to the T5 Duo. 
Obstacle avoidance
With an anti-block wheel, the T5 Duo can independently get past all obstacles that might stop its progress. Steps, angles, ladders — it can free itself. 
For which pools ? 
In-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls, maximum 12x6 m.
         Cleaning cycles :  Recomended 6h filtering in three 2h sessions
         Power supply : Filtering group
         Cleaning areas :  Floor and walls
         Steering : Random
         Suction system :  Dia Cyclone diaphragm
         Installation : By the user on the suction line or skimmer
         Types of debris handled : Fine and medium
Zodiac MX8
The hydraulic cleaner for extreme cleaning
· X-Drive navigation system: clean all areas of the pool.
· System of displacement by continuous tracks for a perfect stability and grip.
· Two suction propellers and a powerful suction turbine.
· New Twist Lock hoses: secure connection without loss of suction.
· Simple and reliable.
Technical specifications:
· Hose´s length, 12 sections of 1m.
· Dimensions of the cleaner (L x W x H) 41x19x22 cm
· Weight of the cleaner 3,07 Kg
· Cleaning coverage 34 cm
· Minimum required power of the 3/4 HP filter pump
· Travel speed 8 m/min.
What type of pool?
· Types of pools: in-ground pools up to 12 x 6 m.
· Forms: rectangular, oval, round and free forms.
· Backgrounds:  flat, gentle slope, composite slope.

Pressure technology

The cleaners that use pressure technology use the filtration system as a power source, this technology is even more efficient and precise.
Instead of being connected to the suction, the pressure cleaners are connected to the pool water return, via the vacuum socket transformed into a return. Thus the pool skimmers remain active and keep their entire surface filtering capacity .

Pressure cleaners that use a booster pump.

These pool cleaners operate using high pressure water supplied by an electric booster pump placed close to the filtering system. After having taken the water from the filtering circuit the booster pump sends pressurised water to the vacuum socket piping in order to supply the appliance. The installation of a booster pump is usually carries out by a pool professional.
The cleaner moves randomly in the pool and sucks in the debris using a scientific principle called the "Venturi effect" which occurs inside the appliance and turns the water inlet into a powerful suction force.
This characteristic gives them maximum efficiency in the shortest time.
These appliances are easy to use and have excellent performance for the price.

Polaris 3900 Sport

Design and performance

The new Polaris 3900 SPORT pressure cleaner has a totally innovative technological platform as a result of the evolution
 and experience of Polaris in the development of pool cleaners for more than 40 years. Every detail has been carefully
 studied and developed to improve results, reliability and simplicity of use. Its "Aqua Dynamic" design contributes to its
 effectiveness, regardless of the shape of the pool, that's why the Polaris 3900 SPORT creates a new style and 
provides superior results.

All the advantages

· 3 power jets
· 3 drive wheels equipped with wide trax tires
· Optimized surface cleaning area
· Automatic anti-blocking recoil valve
· Stainless Steel chain
· Double capacity bag
· Integrated float

What type of pool?

· Type of Pool: in-ground pools.
· Forms: All kinds of forms.
· Funds: flat, gentle slope, composite slope or diamond point

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