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Recirculation pumps



Built to last

FloPro pumps are designed with corrosion-resistant materials. The body of the pump is made of very thick glass fibre reinforced polypropylene, which makes it long-lasting and silent.

High performance

Equipped with highly energy-efficient synchronous motors, the range is available in 9 models (from 0.5 to 2.0 HP) to meet the needs of most pools.

Easy to install

Thanks to the “Easy Retrofit” system, FloPro pumps can be installed without changing the piping.

Easy to use

A pre-filter basket that is up to 117% larger means more debris can be captured before the filter needs to be cleaned.

Technical specifications

Motor type: Highly efficient synchronous motors, TEFC*, class F insulation.

Performance: >80% (as per standard IE3, three-phase models).

Power output in HP (P2):  0.50 / 0.75 / 1.00 / 1.50 / 2.00.

Flow of 10 mWC (m3/hr): 10.3 / 13.2 / 15.8 / 20.8 / 27.0.

Maximum flow (m3/hr): 16.8 / 18.6 / 22.9 / 27.4 / 35.5.


FloPro e3

Guaranteed savings

Thanks to its variable speed, the FloPro E3 pump can operate longer at a lower speed, reducing electricity consumption by up to 80%.


FloPro E3 is up to 26 decibels (dB) quieter than a standard filtration pump, which is similar to the quietness of a library.

Simplified variable speed, for pools up to 80 m3

With the FloPro E3 pump, the key advantages of variable speed are accessible in a simplified version with 3 programmable speeds, which can be set from 1,000 to 2,850 rpm for even greater savings.

Easy to install

Thanks to the “Easy Retrofit” system, pumps can be installed without changing the piping.

Technical specifications

Motor type: permanent magnet synchronous motor (ECM* technology), TEFC**, class F insulation

Efficiency: >80% (as per standard IE3)

Power output (P2): 1.00 HP/0.75 kW

Flow rate at 10 mWC: 16.3 m3/h (at 2,850 rpm)

Maximum flow rate: 22.4 m3/h

3 programmable speeds. From 1,000 to 2,850 rpm (adjustable in intervals of 50 rpm).

Factory settings: Eco (1,400 RPM), Clean (2,150 RPM) and Boost (2,850 RPM).


FloPro VS

Energy savings

Zodiac variable speed pumps can operate for longer at a slower speed adapted to each pool's needs, thus reducing electricity consumption by up to 90%.


The Flo Pro VS is able to memorize up to 8 different speeds in a range from 600 to 3,450 rpm. This allows you to designate specific speeds for specific functions: counter-wash, heating, cleaning, water animation, etc.

Ultra-silent operation

Thanks to their advanced technology, Zodiac variable speed pumps emit up to 24 dB less than a standard single-speed pump. A sound level comparable to that of a library.

Optimised water treatment

By using a slower speed adapted to all needs, the water flows more smoothly through the filter, with less pressure. This means optimised filtration, reduced risk of filter plugging and greater disinfection efficiency.

Technical specifications

LCD screen

8 programmable speeds (600 - 3450 RPM per 10 RPM)

Motor type. Permanent magnet synchronous motor (ECM* technology), TEFC**, class F insulation

Efficiency: >80% (as per standard IE3)

Power output (P2): 1.65 HP / 1.23 kW

Flow rate at 10 mWC: 24.1 m3/h (at 3450 rpm)

Maximum flow rate: 30.7 m³/h

Speeds: 600 - 3,450 rpm (adjustable in intervals of 10 rpm)

Usage: Clear water or salt water up to 6g / L (6000ppm)





Incomparable water quality

Along with the pump, the filter is the central component of the filtration system, containing a filtration medium (sand or glass) which removes impurities from the water for a crystal-clear pool.

The Zodiac Boreal filter is specifically designed to use Zodiac® Crystal Clear filtration media.


Zodiac has designed a strong filter, with a glass fibre reinforced polyester housing for optimum durability.


Maintenance and wintering made easy thanks to a large drain and threaded connectors.


The pressure gauge showing the operating pressure is positionable on the top cover of the multi-way valve.

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